For Experienced Comedians

In its running and organisation Live Streamed Comedy is fairly typical of Auckland open mic comedy nights:

  • We pre-book comedians. This is done through our Facebook group.
  • The call for a cast is normally posted the day after the previous show.

We differ from other open mics in:

  • We are live streamed on the internet with the performers remote from us.
  • We allow comedians to specify their own set length, within reason.
  • We lack technology to give performers “a light.” You will need to do your own timekeeping.
  • We allow sign-ups from the floor, time permitting.

We have prepared notes and videos giving advice on performing live comedy via Zoom.

Code of Conduct:

We have not developed our own code of conduct as we believe that there should be a single code of conduct used by all comedy shows in New Zealand. The New Zealand Comedy Guild Incorporated has developed a code that we fully endorse. It can be found here (pdf)

We expect everyone involved with our shows, including ourselves, to abide by this code.